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Family Therapy

Family life can feel chaotic and overwhelming.

Competing needs and different personalities all under one roof is never easy!

Our relationships with family greatly influence and inform our individual experiences. Family conflict stems from unhealthy or unproductive patterns of behavior and communication. Family therapy at Integrative Psychology Services can help resolve these patterns and replace them with more functional tools to improve communication, strengthen relationships and resolve conflicts.

Most couples enter into a relationship/marriage without ever learning how to effectively communicate or articulate their feelings and needs accurately. The ability to listen intuitively and empathically to one another takes self-awareness, practice and skill.

Through our work together, we will help you identify the cycles that have left you feeling disconnected, alone or frustrated. We will teach you new ways to respond to one another, which will help you feel closer, better understood and loved.

Family Therapy helps families deal with important issues that may interfere with the functioning of the family and the home environment. Whether two family members or multiple, family therapy at Integrative Psychology Services can help families develop and maintain healthy boundaries, increase communication among all members and reduce and resolve conflicts through effective communication and problem solving skills.

We help families become closer, more intimate and work more cooperatively!